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Jewelry Gemstones - Intricate Hand Made Jewelry Characterizes Gene Berdnik Rings
Extraordinary Fine Gemstone Rings All with a Unique Style & Design
The Handcrafted Jewelry of Gene Berdnik
is a result of a life long passion for creating compelling artwork out of basic materials. Gene's passion is reflected in his intricate designs and the use fine quality colored gemstones along with different materials like colored vitreous enamel inlay that result in award winning jewelry.
Gene Berdnik - Award Winning Jeweler Gene's Artist Statement
"My jewelry making creativity is inspired by my own thoughts and visions. As a young boy, I would make "jewelry" out of simple things like bones, rocks and such. My mother would marvel after I would take the bones from the chicken dinner and create an interesting piece of jewelry out of it. My jewelry making style is influenced mostly by some of the greatest names in jewelry such as masters like Buccellati, Castellani e Guiliano and Faberge."
Gene's Bio
Born in Odessa Russia in 1965, Gene graduated from High School at a young age and attended the prestigious Theatrical Art school in Odessa. He specialized in the re-creation of period scenery, designing sets and furniture pieces for the theatre. He than served his mandatory 2 year enlistment with the Soviet Red Army. The Army took advantage of his artistic skills and had Gene create propaganda posters. Gene won the 2008 AGTA Spectrum Awards first place for his beautiful blue zircon and enamel pendant.
Your Very Own Custom Gene Gemstone Ring or Pendant?
Can be done quickly and at a surprisingly low cost by AfricaGems. Gene will personally create a custom piece based on your personal preferences. To learn more, contact Marc