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Cocktail Rings - Custom Designed Gem Cocktail Rings by Noted Jewelry Designer Yuri Romanov Cocktail Rings - The Custom Jewelry of Yuri Romanov
is a result of a many years of training in the classic jewelry making styles of the old world master jewelers like Buccellati and Faberge. His style evokes a strong sense of traditional old world master jewelers with intricate gold etching, innovative gold finishes and carving to contrast with the gemstone's brilliance and luster.
Yuri Romanov - Old Master Style Jeweler Yuri's Artist Statement
"My jewelry making creativity is certainly inspired by the old world master jewelers, but each jewelry creation is something that evokes passion in me. I try to create each piece with a sense of purpose and dedication to bring out the personality of the piece. For example if I'm working with a fine ruby, I try and create a piece that evokes a strong sense of fiery passion that the ruby symbolizes".
Yuri's Bio
Born in Odessa Russia in 1958, Yuri dreamed of being a classical violinist but severely broke his arm in his teens and had to give it up. After graduating from high school, he served his mandatory 2 year enlistment with the Russian Army and afterwards decided to enroll at a small jewelry manufacturing school in Odessa. Not satisfied with his training, he took on an apprenticeship with a famous jeweler to perfect his skills and hone his design techniques of his favorite master jewelers, Buccellati and Faberge. Yuri moved to the United States in 1989 and has been working independently for the past 15 years creating one of a kind gemstone rings and pendants
Your Very Own Hand Made Yuri Gemstone Ring or Pendant?
Can be done quickly and at a surprisingly low cost by AfricaGems. Yuri will personally create a custom piece based on your personal preferences. To learn more, contact Marc