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Color Change
Rare Color Change Garnets - AfricaGems is The LEADER in Loose Color Change Garnet Gemstones Certifed and Natural Color Change Garnets
Color Change Garnet gemstones are very interesting and beautiful gemstones. Very rare until more recent times with the deposits discovered in Madagascar, these gems had always been collector gems. Tanzania had produced color change garnet gems but most did not display the dramatic color changes of the Madagascar garnets. The Madagascar deposits have produced color change garnets that display very dramatic color change, very similar to Alexandrite gemstones. In a daylight source, the color of the gems is a greenish blue with a dramatic change to a reddish purple in the finer quality gems. The size range in mostly small but larger fine gems of up to 10 carat size has been produced. So if you’re looking for a less expensive option for Alexandrite, consider a color change garnet.
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