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Magical Color Changing Gemstones for SALE - Gorgeous Alexndrite and Color Change Garnet
Color Change
Color Change
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Amazingly Beautiful and Magical Color Change Gemstones – Best Alexandrite and Color Change Garnet for SALE
All faceted gemstones will shimmer and shine when the light hits them the right way. In fact, it’s arguably their glittering facets that make gemstones so undeniably beautiful. However the truly special and magical quality of color-changing gemstones is that when the light hits them they start glittering in a different color. In a way, a color change gem is two gems in one because you get to enjoy not one, but two gorgeous colors. Alexandrite gemstones are the most famous color change stones and they even have their own color change scale by which the quality of the color change is rated; the closer the colors are to pure green and pure red, the more valuable the stone. While a large Natural Alexandrite can fetch prices higher than diamonds, a more affordable alternative is synthetic lab grown Chatham Alexandrite. Color Change garnet, which can have a similar color change to Alexandrite are considered to be rare collector’s items. All of our color change gemstones are perfect for a unique and interesting piece of jewelry.

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