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Citrine Gemstone Matched Pairs Well Matched Citrine Gemstone Pairs for SALE
Citrine gemstone matched pairs are great for any custom jewelry design that calls for symmetry and two of the same gemstone, for example earrings or side gems in a ring. Citrine gemstones are the yellow variety of quartz and it is recognized as the most popular yellow colored gemstone on the market. Before modern gemology, Citrine gemstones were confused with Topaz. But it is extremely rare to find natural Citrine gemstone that is untreated, in fact, most Citrine gemstones are actually heat treated amethyst gems. The original color of the Amethyst will determine the color and saturation that the Citrine will display after heat treatment. Citrine gemstones are recognized as the birthstone for November, making them a great gift choice for anyone born in that month as well as any mother with a November baby. AfricaGems is the trusted source for gemstones, providing a certificate of authenticity with every stone.

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