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Chrysoprase - Fine Apple Green Chrysoprase - Loose Chysoprase Gemstones for SALE
Loose Chrysoprase Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes
Famed for its bright green color and fine texture, Chrysoprase is a member of the Chalcedony family of gems. The effervescent hue of Chrysoprase is appealing to those who desire freshness and vitality. The crisp natural color adds an ideal splash to fashions and as an affordable gem it is a perfect accessory for eco-conscious shopper.
Natural Chrysoprase Throughout the Years
Ancient Romans and Egyptians treasured this vivacious gem, linking it to spiritual health and protection. It was prized by Frederick the Great of Prussia and was used to decorate the intricate architecture of Prague. Today visitors to the Chapel of St. Wenceslas can enjoy the vivid green of Chrysoprase. The rarity and beauty of this gem also captured the heart of master jewelry Carl Farberge, who used it in some of his most exquisite creations.
Facts About Chrysoprase
Our Chrysoprase is mined in Australia, one of the major sources for this gem. With coloring similar to Jade, Chrysoprase is sometimes referred to as “Australian Jade”. This is a misnomer, however, and one should not confuse the beauty of Chrysoprase with the richness of Jade. In addition to Australia, Brazil and areas of Europe are other sources for Chrysoprase.
Beautiful Apple Green Chrysoprase Jewelry
AfricaGems carries an amazing variety of loose, natural Chrysoprase gemstones in calibrated sizes. These affordable beauties are all in stock and ready to ship. Chrysoprase jewelry is especially flattering on women with green or hazel colored eyes, as the lovely green in the stone brings out the beauty in green eyes.

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