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Chameleon Diamond - Very Rare Color Change Chameleon Diamonds - All GIA Certified What is a Chameleon Diamond? – How Does a Chameleon Diamond Change Color?
Fancy colored diamonds that have the unusual characteristic of changing color when exposed to daylight are know in the diamond trade as "chameleon" diamonds. In normal conditions Chameleon diamonds have a unique olive-grey and greenish color and they change to either a brown color or to a yellowish color. These strange diamonds are among the most unusual of all gemstones due to their unique characteristic of undergoing a color change due to thermal variations. The most typical way to see this phenomenon is to place the diamond in a dark cool place for a couple of days. After the couple of days, look at the diamond in low light conditions, then take the diamond to a warmer place in similar light conditions and carefully watch the color change; this type of color change is known as photochroism. The color change might be very subtle but if observed carefully it should be noticeable. Chameleon diamonds are also sensitive to different lighting types and will show different colors if observed under halogen light, incandescent light and daylight. Additionally, if Chameleon diamonds are exposed to a lot of heat (250° C), they can change to a greenish-yellowish color very quickly and when they cool down and stabilize their normal color will return; this is known as thermochroism. With all Natural fancy color diamonds, an element other than carbon has made its way into the diamond which results in a new color. In the case of Chameleon diamonds, an excess of hydrogen and a small amount of nitrogen has entered the diamond and creates the unique color-changing property.

The Biggest and Most Famous Chameleon Diamonds – Amazing Natural Fancy Chameleon Diamonds
Since Chameleon diamonds possess unique photochroism and thermochroism properties they are extremely rare and desirable. The biggest Chameleon diamond ever found weighed 30.00 carats, and the bigger the chameleon diamond the more dramatic the color change. One of the most amazing Chameleon diamonds is a stunning 8.04 carat radiant cut diamond that was evaluated by GIA and classified as “Fancy Dark Grey Green Chameleon”. It is set in an extraordinary ring surrounded by pink pave diamonds and pink gold. Due to the rarity and beauty, that Chameleon diamond is valued at $2,100,000. Another notable chameleon diamond sold for $240,000 at an auction in Hong Kong; it is over 4 carats and set in a spectacular platinum ring.

Buying a Chameleon Diamond – Always Buy A Chameleon Diamond With a GIA Certificate
The best way to ensure that you are buying a quality diamond is to look for a GIA Certificate. GIA is a non-profit institution; they do not buy, sell or appraise diamonds, rather they focus on education and research. GIA has been trusted by fine jewelers worldwide for over 50 years to provide the highest standards of reliability and assurance. Based on the 4C’s of diamonds—clarity, cut, color and carat—GIA provides a reputable and comprehensive analysis of the quality and authenticity of each stone. All of our Fancy Chameleon Diamonds come with GIA certificates so that you can be sure you are purchasing a quality stone.

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