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Chatham Aqua Spinel
Vivid & Cool Chatham Aqua Spinel Gemstones - Best Lab Created Chatham Genuine Aqua Spinel at AfricaGems
Gorgeous Chatham Aqua Blue Spinel Gemstones for SALE Ė Chatham Created Synthetic Blue Spinel Gems for Jewelry
The sparkling blue color of Chathamís Aqua Blue Spinel is simply breathtaking! With the same chemical make up as naturally mined Spinel gems, Chatham perfected the process of producing Lab Created Blue Spinel gemstones. Not only are Chatham Created Gemstones exactly the same in chemical composition as their natural counterparts, they can actually surpass genuine gemstones in certain ways. Since these gems were grown in a perfectly controlled environment there will be more uniformity in color and clarity from one gem to the next, and inclusions that might be found in naturally occurring gemstones are unlikely to be found in Lab Created gems. With superior color and clarity and a price that you canít beat, Chatham Created Aqua Blue Spinel gems are a perfect choice to create a custom piece of gemstone jewelry. AfricaGems offers eight different standard gemstone shapes and a nice selection of calibrated sizes that are suitable for standard gemstone jewelry mounting.

Understand the Science Behind Lab Created Aqua Blue Spinel
Check Out This Informative Abstract from GIA: Blue Spinel Crystals in the MgAl2O4-CoAl2O4 Series, Part I: Flux Growth and Chemical Characterization