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CanadaMark Diamond Round Melee
CanadaMark Round Melee Diamonds Outstanding quality melee Diamonds, up to 4.0mm size or 0.25 carats. We carry precision ideal cut Hearts & Arrows in F+ color in VS clarity grade to G-H color and SI2-3 clarity grade. This popular Canadian-certified origin Diamond Melee Is in High Demand Due to Their Remarkable Gem-quality Properties and Traceable Origins. Compared to The Output of Other Countries, Canada's Diamonds Are More Pristine and Higher Quality. They Are Distinguished By Their High Grade of Color and Clarity, Low Level of Fluorescence, and Innate High Luster. And the Canadian Mining Industry Upholds a Strict Policy of Ethical Operations, Sustainable Development of its Natural Resources and Environmental Preservation. Harvested in a Responsible, Legitimate Manner, These Diamonds are Conflict Free Guaranteed. These Diamonds Are Tracked From Mine to Market With Uninterrupted Chain of Custody, Set of Warranties and Separate Production Line in Manufacturing, Ensuring No Chance of Treated Diamonds or Synthetic Diamonds Getting Mixed. Canadian Diamonds Meet the Requirements of the Kimberly Process and They Are Mined, Cut and Polished in a Socially and Environmentally Responsible Manner.