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Brown Diamonds - Beautiful Loose Natural Brown Diamonds - Fancy Cognac Champagne Diamonds The Beauty of Natural Brown Diamonds – How Did Brown Diamond Get Their Unique Color
Natural brown diamonds can range from a light brown Champagne color to a darker Cognac color, and their names reflect their intoxicating beauty. Interestingly, brown diamonds were once thought to be undesirable for jewelry and were used for industrial purposes. However, when there was a boom of brown diamonds found in the Argyle mine in Australia during the 1980s, the allure and value of brown diamonds increased. Brown diamonds get their unique color from a structural defect in the diamond lattice. With neutral and earthy tones taking center stage in the fashion and jewelry design scene, Champagne and Cognac Brown Diamonds are a great choice for a stylish and contemporary look.

Brown Diamonds Throughout History – Famous Natural Brown Diamonds
The most famous and perhaps the most spectacular Brown Diamond is known as the Golden Jubilee Diamond. When it was found in 1985 in South Africa, the rough stone weighed 755 carats. After faceting, the Golden Jubilee weighed 545.67 carats and it is currently the largest faceted diamond in the entire world. The diamond received its name when it was given to the King of Thailand in 1997 for his Golden Jubilee, celebrating the 50th anniversary of his coronation. An interesting side note is that the Thailand government informed its citizens that the Golden Jubilee is a large topaz as the popularity of the would be threatened if the people knew that the government purchased such an extravagant diamond during a financially hard period. The Golden Jubilee is currently located in the crown jewels collection of the Royal Thai Palace. The third largest faceted diamond in the world is also a brown diamond, named The Incomparable Diamond for its unparalleled beauty and extremely unique cut. In the rough, it weighed 890 carats, but do to its irregular shape and internal inclusions it had to be cut very carefully—it took four years to cut the stone—and after faceting the largest piece of the huge diamond chunk weighed 407.48 carats. This unbelievable stone was found by a little girl in Zaire playing in a pile of rubble! The stone went for $12 million at an auction in the late 1908s.

Which Celebrities are Wearing Brown Diamonds? – Natural Brown Diamond Jewelry on the Red Carpet
One of the most extravagant shows of brown diamonds on the red carpet was Maria Menouos’ amazing $2.5 million Champagne Diamond studded dress that she dazzled everyone at the 2004 Oscars; the dress was embroidered with 2,000 champagne diamonds, with a total of 3,000 carats. Dame Hellen Mirren wore a Cognac Brown Diamond brooch to the 2007 Academy Awards where she won the Oscar for best actress in The Queen; the brooch was elegantly placed in the rear of the dress, poised on her lower-back. Cameron Diaz looked stunning at the 2004 Academy Awards wearing a 20 carat Cognac Diamond ring. Well known singer, Kathleen “bird” York was spotted at the Oscars wearing a pair of 20 carat Champagne and Cognac Natural brown diamonds that were hand-set into stunning earrings. In 2007 Jennifer Lopez chose elegant 20 carat grey and Champagne Diamond earrings. The list of celebrities that wore Brown Diamonds to the red carpet is very long and includes many notable names such as: Kim Kardashian, Lea Michelle, Hillary Swank, Jennifer Hudson, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Simpson, Ashanti and Natasha Bedingfield.

Buying a Natural Fancy Brown Diamond – Always Buy A Brown Diamond With a GIA Certificate
The best way to ensure that you are buying a quality diamond is to look for a GIA Certificate. GIA is a non-profit institution; they do not buy, sell or appraise diamonds, rather they focus on education and research. GIA has been trusted by fine jewelers worldwide for over 50 years to provide the highest standards of reliability and assurance. Based on the 4C’s of diamonds—clarity, cut, color and carat—GIA provides a reputable and comprehensive analysis of the quality and authenticity of each stone. All of our Fancy Brown Diamonds come with GIA certificates so that you can be sure you are purchasing a quality stone.

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