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Matched Pairs
Matching Blue Zircon Gems for SALE - Exceptional Blue Zircon Matched Pair for Stunning Blue Zircon Earrings
Zircon Gem Pairs for SALE Shop Free Size Loose Zircon Matched Pairs for Custom Gemstone Jewelry
Whether its a pair of earrings, side gems in a ring, or something else that requires symmetry in design, matched gemstones are often needed in jewelry creations. If you are looking for sparkle, look no further than Zircon. Like our free sized loose blue zircon gemstones, these matched pairs of blue zircon gemstones have been very carefully selected for color, cut, intensity and proportions to match perfectly. They have all been recut to match! Blue Zircon matched pairs make some of the most spectacular gemstone earrings! Zircon gemstones have an insanely high refractive index, giving them a dazzling, glittering look. We offer Zircon gemstone pairs in many varieties of Zircon: blue zircon, brown zircon, white zircon, orange zircon, and yellow zircon. Each pair of gemstones is very well matched in size, proportions, symmetry, color and overall appearance. Every gemstone purchased from AfricaGems comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and you are allowed a generous 30 day grace period in which to return the gemstones. Combined with our offer of FREE Shipping, AfricaGems is the best place to shop for gemstones as we are trusted and a pleasure to do business with.

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