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Super GEM Loose Faceted Blue Sapphire Gemstones in the 2.00 to 3.00 carat sizes - Exceptional Quality Cut Blue Sapphires for SALE Fine Blue Sapphire Gems in 2 to 3 carat size for the Perfect Sapphire Ring at
Loose blue sapphire gemstones have long been an specialty. We carry a vast selection of very fine blue sapphire gems in the 1 to 2 carat sizes. All of these high quality gems are ready to ship to you FREE by FedEx. Blue sapphire is a member of the corundum family of gemstones, and unlike ruby gemstones, has many different source locations. Blue sapphires from Burma and Kashmir are the most highly sought after blue sapphires, followed by Ceylon blue sapphires. The cornflower blue color of a high quality blue sapphire gem is the standard by which other blue sapphires are judged. Most sapphires of any color are heat treated, which is always noted on any sapphire sells. Fine quality sapphires with no heat treatment command the highest prices. Some sapphires have been altered with chemical diffusion; AfricaGems does not sell these sapphires. Many of our sapphire gemstones are accompanied by a third party certificate of appraisal and retail value. Many of these sapphires have been recut in the USA to American standards and cannot be compared to native cut gems. Our USA cut sapphire gemstones have unsurpassed brilliance and a much sharper "look".

Amazing Blue Sapphire Gemstones for the Perfect Jewelry - Shop for Loose Discount Blue Gemstones sized 2 to 3 carats
We are pleased to present our fabulous collection of Blue Sapphire gemstones size between 2 to 3 carats, including many different faceted gemstone cuts and shapes. With over 75 Blue Sapphires in this size to choose from, and more being added all the time, AfricaGems is the one and only place to shop for certified loose Blue Sapphires. Sapphire gemstones are great for any type of jewelry. Whether Sapphire is your birthstone and you want to wear a stone that has meaning and personal connection or if you just like the color blue and the regality of this precious stone, we have the perfect Sapphire gemstone for your dream jewelry. If you are a ring person, the possibilities are endless, from solitaires to a triple stone ring, you can't go wrong with Blue Sapphire. Or perhaps you'd prefer to set your stone in a Blue Sapphire pendant, framed with diamonds and white gold. Wherever your imagination takes you, we have the right Blue Sapphire for your dream jewelry

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