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Beautiful Loose Free Size Blue Zircon Gemstones for SALE - Exquisite Blue Zircon for SALE at AfricaGems Amazingly Beautiful Loose Blue Zircon Gemstones for SALE – Gorgeous Blue Zircon Gems from 5 to 10 Carats
The electric blue color of Blue Zircon gemstones is so mesmerizing and stunning. These bold gems are perfect for adding a pop of color in jewelry. Did you know that Zircon is one of the birthstones for December? Another cool thing about Zircon that makes it such a beautiful gemstone is that it has a very pronounced double refraction quality which means that the gemstones are more fiery and brilliant with the sparkle of double the amount of facets. With the exceptional color and intense dazzle, Blue Zircon gemstones are a great choice for custom jewelry.

Fun Facts About Blue Zircon Gemstones – Discount Loose Free Size Blue Zircon Gemstones for Custom Jewelry
One of the coolest facts about zircon is that it’s the oldest mineral on earth! That’s right, Zircon is 4.4 billion years old!! It also can have radioactive trace elements that tick off time which means that Zircon can teach us a lot about the world at its inception. Zircon gemstones are also virtually free on inclusions, which really enhances its beauty.

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