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Best Star Sapphire Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes - Blue Star Sapphire & Black Star Sapphires Are Available at AfricaGems Blue Star Sapphire & Black Star Sapphire Standard Size Gems Loose Calibrated Star Sapphire Gemstones for SALE
Star Sapphire gemstones exhibit a unique gemological property known as asterism in which a six ray star is reflected on the cabochon surface of the gemstone. AfricaGems is the trusted source for loose calibrated size blue star sapphire and black star sapphire gemstones. These cabochon gemstones with a strong six ray star in the center are suited for any gemstone mounting that can accommodate a calibrated size cabochon cut gem. With round cut and oval cut blue star sapphires and round, oval and marquise shape black star sapphires, we offer a nice selection of gemstone shapes in two different star sapphire colors. In addition, each shape is available in a number of calibrated sizes. All gemstones purchased from AfricaGems come with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing that you are buying a genuine gemstone with full disclosure about treatments. On top of that AfricaGems offers FREE shipping and FREE 30 day returns to make your experience as easy as possible. We invite you to create unique custom gemstone jewelry with our fabulous star sapphire gemstones.

Understanding the Asterism Phenomenon in Gemstones
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