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Tourmaline - Blue-Green
Finest Quality of Loose Blue Green Tourmaline Gemstones at AfricaGems in All Sizes for SALE
<b>Pairs Blue Green</b>
Pairs Blue Green
30 Available
Loose Blue Green Tourmaline Gemstones - Superb Collection of Fine Blue Green Loose Tourmalines
These blue-green tourmaline gemstones are incredibly gorgeous. Born in Namibia, these are amongst the finest quality blue green tourmalines you will see anywhere. I bought about 1 kilo of the ultra-fine, rough tourmaline gems from the famous "dead dog” deposit, which only yielded about 3 kilos of ultra fine material. These tourmalines are different from the Neu Schwaben deposit, these being much brighter and more open color. The brighter teal colored tourmalines from this mine possess an incredible luster and brightness which is very unusual for tourmaline. The faceted gems are all incredibly brilliant and lively. All of these tourmaline gems were cut here in the USA to exceptional standards and to maximize brilliance, not weight. These very fine blue green tourmalines are an opportunity not to be missed. These tourmaline gemstones make spectacular gemstone jewelry.

Stunning Bluish Green Tourmaline Gemstones for SALE – Create Breathtaking Custom Jewelry with These Unique Tourmaline Gems
What a color pop! The fantastic, unique and incredibly lovely bluish green color found in these exceptional Tourmaline gems is perfect for jewelry. If you love to accessorize with color, then these are the gems for you. With superior proportions, eye clean plus clarity and high quality cuts, these are the best Tourmalines on the market. We offer FREE Shipping on all loose Tourmaline gems.

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