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Red Passion - Calibrated
Blazing Red Passion Topaz Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes on SALE - FREE Shipping
Blazing Red Passion Topaz Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes
When you start learning more about the gemstone market, one interesting facet (haha, pun!) is the sector of branded gemstones. One of the most well known gemstone brands is Swarovski. What distinguishes the Swarovski branded gemstones is largely their patented cutting method that brings out the inner brilliance of a gemstone. When it comes to Topaz gemstones, Swarovski has invented a gemstone cutting style called Natural Brilliance that was created just for Topaz gemstones. Using the guidelines set up by the Gemological Institute of America, Swarovski honed the parameters in cutting to maximize light return and fire. They perfected the use of precision cutting and perfect calibration to create an innovative method for cutting Topaz gemstones that unleashes the inner beauty of these special gemstones. Therefore, when you purchase a Swarovski gem you are guaranteed to receive a stone that is cut with their perfected techniques. AfricaGems is proud to carry a wide selection of Swarovski gemstones.

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