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Rare Black Opals at AfricaGems - Beautiful Loose Black Opal Gemstones for SALE Rare and Beautiful Black Opal Gemstones from Lightning Ridge Australia
AfricaGems has in stock an excellent selection of calibrated, standard sized round and oval shaped fine quality black opals. Black Opals are the "king" of the Opal family of gemstones and are characterized by a black semi tansparent to opaque background with intense "flashes" of fire in the green , purple, red and blue colors. The AAA Grade of black Opal has the most intense play of color and are very beautiful opals.
Gold Gemstone Rings Using Black Opal Gems
Some Black Opals have a tendency to "dry" out and craze after being taken out of water. You have no need to worry about this phenomenon called "crazeing" when you use our Opals in creating your own fine Black Opal jewelry. AfricaGems guarantees all of our Black Opal Gems against crazeing which is common in many types of Opals mined outside of Australia. Our black opal gems originate from the famous Lightning Ridge mining area in Australia were the Opals don't crack after being mined. Don't take a chance and waste your hard earned money, buy your Opal gemstones from the web's leading loose gemstone supplier.
Best Quality of Black Opal Gemstones from AfricaGems
We carry only the finest quality grades of Black Opal gemstones. We purchase our loose black opals from the largest producer and a direct supplier who can consistently ensure the quality of loose black opal we need to sell. Please see our best in the business guarantee policy