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Swarovski Black
Stunning Black Swarovski Enhanced Cubic Zirconia Gemstones for SALE - Round Shape Black Loose Standard Size CZ
Beautiful Round Calibrated Black Cubic Zirconia Loose Gems for Jewelry Best Black CZ Stones for SALE
Black gemstones add a sleek elegance to custom jewelry designs. For example, you can use small sized round black cubic zirconia in place of diamond melee to create a pave look, for example you can use the small sized stones along the band of a ring. These gems will add a bold and edgy look, yet black cubic zirconia offers the same classic elegance of black diamonds. Another fun usage of black cubic zirconia is pairing it together with white cubic zirconia to create a lovely black and white look. Since black matches everything, the possibilities are endless, and black zirconia is the perfect low cost option for adding a pop of black into any custom gemstone jewelry piece.

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