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Aquamarine Pairs
Super GEM Aquamarine Matched Pairs - Ultimate Natural Aquamarines in Pairs for Aquamarine Earrings Are at AfricaGems
Trust AfricaGems for the Finest Aquamarine Gemstones Available
Matched pairs in any loose gemstone category are difficult if you are as particular about it as Our loose gemstone pairs are almost perfect in every respect. Most importantly is color, if the color doesn't match perfectly than it's not a matched pair in the true sense of the word. Another factor that is often overlooked in matched pairs is the type of cutting. If the facet patterns don't match than the brilliance will not be the same. If the proportions aren't the same than the match will not be up to our standards. is able to recut gemstones to make them into matched pairs. If you don't see than ask us to make it-We can do it!

See our Aquamarine Calibrated Sizes for More Aquamarine Pairs has a full inventory of calibrated Aquamarine in 3 different quality grades. We can match them for you for NO charge.

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