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Genuine Aquamarine Rings - Extraordinary Aquamarine Gold Rings & Aquamarine Diamond Rings Aquamarine Rings Ė Beauty and Dependability>
Aquamarine rings with fine quality aquamarine gemstones are a rarity in most fine jewelry stores and online retailers. Most aquamarine jewelry, like the loose aquamarine gemstones sold in these venues, is pale and lifeless. AfricaGems has specialized in fine aquamarine for more than 20 years. We have mined, processed, and manufactured 1000ís of carats of extremely fine aquamarine gemstones of all shapes and sizes. Our selection of Aquamarine gemstone rings features very high-quality Aquamarine gems. All of our Aquamarine gemstones used in our Aquamarine rings have deep intense color saturation, are well cut and proportional. Our selections of Aquamarine rings are varied in their styles but are unique with an emphasis on quality. We offer handmade, custom-designed Aquamarine solitary rings with no diamonds. We also offer unique Aquamarine and diamond rings utilizing up to 3 different gold types with intricate engraving. Our varied line of Aquamarine and Diamond micro pave rings has complimentary pendants, earrings, and bracelets.
Classic and Unusual Aquamarine Gemstone and Diamond Rings
Any aquamarine ring that you buy isnít only beautiful, itís also a part of the beryl family Ė the same as its better-known cousin Emerald. Beryls are known for their beauty as well as durability and brilliance. That makes Aquamarine gemstone rings one of the more durable gem rings around. Aquamarine rings get their coloring from trace amounts of iron in the gemstone structure. But aside from being a great birthstone gift for people born in March, youíll find that any aquamarine ring is also reasonably priced too since itís readily available all over the world. Since itís one of the more affordable gem rings, many people can afford an aquamarine ring in larger carat sizes, as opposed to rubies or sapphires in the corundum family, which are rarer and mostly available in smaller sizes.
The Look of an Aquamarine Ring
Many rough aquamarines have a natural greenish tint, but this disappears when heated to low temperatures after the aquamarine is cut and polished. This heat treatment turns the green hue into a blue hue instead. This treatment is widely practiced and accepted in the professional gemstone markets. Many aquamarine ring buyers today like more of a natural look to the stone and prefer some greenish coloring to it. That means since the color varies so greatly from blue-green to more blue or more green, you might have a hard time decided which color hue is for you.
Genuine Aquamarine Rings in a Variety of Metals
As with all gemstone rings and gemstone jewelry, the quality of the gemstones cut is important. An aquamarine ring is no different. Simple timeless designs, like emerald cuts accented with two diamonds are often the most preferred. When it comes to angles of an aquamarine ring, low crown angles produce higher brilliance, while higher crowns will deepen the color. In conclusion remember that the price of an aquamarine ring can depend on the same factors as other gemstone jewelry such as the clarity, the depth of color and the purity of color. That means the deeper or more intense the aquamarine color your aquamarine ring appears to be, the more its worth.
Custom Made Aquamarine Gold Rings
We can also custom design a ring for you using one of our loose Aquamarine gemstones. Just send us your picture or sketch and weíll give you a quote.

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