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The Antique Square Cut gemstone, sometimes referred to as a cushion cut, is a basically a combination of a square and a circle; basically a square with rounded edges. While this gorgeous cut is gaining popularity in contemporary jewelry designs, it is actually a classic antique style which has made a comeback. For example, one of the most famous cushion cut gemstones is the Tiffany Diamond. One of the largest yellow diamonds ever, weighing over 287 carats, this gorgeous stone features 87 facets, which is more than a standard round gemstone. Herbert Tillander, a diamond historian, refers to this cut as a “stellar brilliant”. An interesting and fun fact is that this Antique Square cut diamond was actually worn by Audrey Hepburn in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s publicity shots!

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With this incredible variety of genuine colored gemstones in Antique Cushion cut will give you a lot of options for your next custom jewelry project. All loose gemstones include FREE shipping and our generous 30 day return policy.

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