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Memorial To Andrew Sarosi as posted by the AGTA (American Gem Trading Association) were Andrew was a founding member.

Andrew Sarosi Memorial Andrew Sarosi passed away peacefully surrounded by family on October 11, 2012. Born in Hungary, Sarosi was a Holocaust survivor and came to the United States seeking a new life in 1956. After a series of odd jobs, he found himself in Southern California- where he started his gemological legacy in 1968 by traveling back and forth to the San Carlos Indian Reservation and purchasing rough peridot. He was one of the first gem dealers to start showing at Tusconís Holiday Inn, which eventually transformed into the AGTA. For the next 40 years he was a regular fixture at all of the shows.

See Video of Vintage Andrew Sarosi Talking About Jewelry

Andrew served as a mentor for many of his fellow jewelers and collectors. He regularly and ecstatically shared his extensive knowledge and appreciation of gemstones with anyone who asked. He never met a stone he didnít like- he was famous for being an avid collector. He never bought a gemstone with the intention to resell it; he purchased stones because of their beauty. He was often found walking from booth to booth showing others his latest treasure, not because he wanted to brag but because he wanted to impart its beauty onto his friends.

Andrew was a lover of life. Whether it was planting tomatoes, discovering new music, getting his children to give him massages, spending time with family in the Florida Keys or gem shows, drawing cartoons, or bringing clothes and candy to Native American reservations, he was able to extract beauty and enjoyment out of any situation or activity. He is survived by his wife Kim, his son Marc, his daughters Rachelle, Violet, and Lily, his brother Istvan, and his grandsons Maxwell, Ezekiel, Nathaniel, and Levi. He illuminated the lives of everyone he met and will truly be missed.

To honor Andrew and his legacy, a scholarship has been established in his name at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The "Andrew Sarosi Memorial Scholarship" in the amount of $1,000.00 will be awarded yearly, in perpetuity, to any deserving student studying for their Graduate Gemologist degree. If you would like to honor Andrew's memory, please make a donation of any size to:
GIA Financial Scholarships
c/o Beverly Berthoty
5345 Armada Dr.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: 760-603-4120