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Round Cut - Calibrated
Loose Alexandrite Round Cut Gem Stones for SALE - Perfect Alexandrite Calibrated Round Gems available from AfricaGems
Round Calibrated Natural Alexandrite Gemstones
A vast selection of high quality calibrated Round Alexandrite gemstones awaits you at Our Round shaped Alexandrites are a very popular shape as center gemstones in rings or pendants, but they are the most popular as matched pairs for stud earrings. As Alexandrite is the birthstone for June, alexandrite studs are a very popular gift choice. And we offer FREE matching on all standard size Alexandrite gemstones-See below. Our standard size Round shaped Alexandrite gems are cut to higher standards than other small sized alexandrites. These beautiful Round shaped Alexandrite all have very good makes, symmetry and display excellent brilliance and intensity. All of our small sized Alexandrites are backed by our exclusive 100% refund policy and have a 30 day return policy.

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Alexandrite Matched Pairs or Matched Sets
Because of our vast inventory in calibrated Round shaped Alexandrite, we have the ability to perfectly match Round Alexandrites for you at NO CHARGE for the perfect birthstone gift. Just click the Matched option box and we will do all the hard work to perfectly match up the stones for you in terms of size, color change and cut. Guaranteed!

FREE Shipping on All Calibrated Round Cut Alexandrite's Shop for Standard Sized Loose Alexandrite
Our inventory of round alexandrite includes standard sizes ranging from 1.50mm to 4.50mm with every quarter millimeter in between. We carry stones in every grade: A, AA, AAA and GEM. With prices starting at just $34, it's clear that AfricaGems is the only place to shop for loose Alexandrite. With the best selection and best prices, you know where to come for your next Alexandrite gemstone.

Amazing Loose Alexandrite for Jewelry - Find the Perfect Alexandrite Gemstone Gift for Her
The stunning jewelry possibilities with Alexandrite gemstones are endless. There are countless ways you can surprise the special lady in your life with a unique custom piece of jewelry that reflects her taste and personality. An added bonus is that Alexandrite is the birthstone for June, and makes a perfect gift for those born in that month.

Alexandrite Round Shape Cut Gemstones

The carat weights of the Alexandrite Round Cut calibrated gemstones listed here are only approximate weights. The actual carat weight of the round cut Alexandrite you receive can be more or less than the listed carat weight. Standard calibrated round shaped Alexandrite Gemstones are based on dimensions, not carat weight.

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