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Alexandrite Pairs
Exceptionally Fine Quality Rare Genuine Alexandrite Matching Pairs for Natural Alexandrite Earrings available at AfricaGems
Alexandrite Gemstones in Matched Pairs now has an excellent selection of fine gem quality Alexandrite gemstones in matching pairs. Like our free sized Alexandrites , these gem-quality Alexandrites pairs are carefully selected for matching color, cut, size, and color change. This is very difficult to do in Alexandrite as it is a rare gemstone in larger sizes if it's gem quality. And if you consider that there is not one color to match, but two, the fact that the stones resemble each other in both colors is just amazing. Most of our Alexandrite matched pairs are Brazilian in origin so the color change is very dramatic in the better qualities.

See our Alexandrite Calibrated Sizes for More Alexandrite Pairs has a full inventory of calibrated Alexandrite in 3 different quality grades. We can match them for you for NO charge.
All of our certified Alexandrite gemstone pairs are professionally graded by a professional gemologist, certified and fully guaranteed. If you don't see the perfect Alexandrite matched pair, contact us to see what else is available.

Free Sized Alexandrite Matched Pairs - Shop for Matching Alexandrite Gemstones for Jewelry
Our collection of non-standard sized Alexandrite matched pairs represents the highest level of matching so that the stones are nearly indistinguishable from each other. These rare beauties are just perfect for jewelry designs that require identical stones, most notably earrings. The possibilities of gemstone earring styles that can be used as mountings for matched pairs are endless. Just within the stud family of earrings there is the basket mounting, four prong, five prong and martini mounting. There is also a myriad of styles that can be created with a lever-back setting. Let your imagination loose and create your dream pair of Alexandrite earrings with loose Alexandrite matched pairs.

FREE Shipping on all Alexandrite Matched Pairs - Discount Loose Alexandrite Gemstones for SALE
When you consider the rarity of true fine Alexandrite gemstones and the high prices that they often fetch, you will see that our Alexandrite is extremely competitively priced. We pride ourselves on selling the best Alexandrite gemstones at the best prices. Alexandrite gemstones are a great choice for gifts, especially for people with June birthdays as Alexandrite is the birthstone for June. Enjoy FREE Shipping on all loose Alexandrite matched pairs sets. Trust over 25 years of gemstone experience.

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