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Gemstones That are Red - Red Gemstones for SALE - All Varieties of Discount Loose Red Gemstones

Shop for a Red Colored Gemstone - Red Gems Make Beautiful Jewelry

<b>REDDISH ORANGE CARNELIAN <br>Round Cabochon Gems<br></b> Standard - Calibrated
Item #: calibrated-carnelian-red-round
Our Price: $16.00
This Natural Reddish Orange Carnelian Gemstone in the AAA Grade, Displays an even Intense Orangy Red Color, With a Good Cut, Good Polish and Medium Dome Shape. This Carnelian Gemstone Has Been Enhanced to Improve the Consistency of Color. NOTE: Be sure to select the RIGHT gemstone/diamond by millimeter size only. Selecting your gemstone/diamond by carat weight is NOT ACCURATE. The best way to select the right size gemstone/diamond is to use our size chart image or ...
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Is Your Favorite Color Red? What Does That Say About You?
If you are drawn to the color red, you are most likely an extroverted person with a friendly warmth that attracts people to you. Red is a classic symbol of passion and drive, so you probably apply yourself to goals with a fiery ardor. A love of the color red represents a true zeal for life and love. Red personifies energy and vitality. The type of people who are attracted to Red are intense people with strong emotions and a lively spirit. Did you know that the color red stimulates the appetite and that red can actually make a persons heart beat faster? Maybe this is why red is thought of as the color of love. If you want to communicate a sense of daring and excitement, if you want to be noticed and feel attractive, then red gems are for you.

Choose Red Gemstones for Jewelry Bring the Energy of Red into Your Life With Gemstones that are Red
Understanding the mystical nature of colors is an age-old practice and even today many people tap into the power of gemstones and their colors by wearing colors that harness powers of protection and luck. Red gemstone jewelry is a great choice for people who are seeking to increase their energy and enthusiasm or for those who want to gain confidence to succeed. Wearing red gemstones is a known method to ward off fears and stress. Adding Red to your life is believed to help regulate body temperature as well as to improve the functioning of the circulatory system. Red gemstone jewelry is a perfect accessory for an interview because it presents the wearer as bold, motivated and capable.

Create Beautiful Red Gemstone Jewelry Shop for Loose Red Gemstones at Discount Prices
Choose from the best quality Ruby, Spinel, Garnet, Madeira Citrine and other stunning Red stones for your dream jewelry. We offer FREE Shipping on all Red gemstones. Trust over 25 years of gemstone experience.

Learn More About the Color Red
More Information About The Color Red from Wikipedia Etymology, Symbolism and Cultural Meanings

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Gemstones That are Red - Red Gemstones for SALE - All Varieties of Discount Loose Red Gemstones

Shop for a Red Colored Gemstone - Red Gems Make Beautiful Jewelry