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Pink Diamond - Very Rare Natural Pink Diamonds - Fancy Colored Genuine Loose Pink Diamonds The Rarity of Pink Diamonds – Sources of Pink Diamonds
The natural occurrence of stunning Pink diamonds is a rare and unique phenomenon. The vast majority of the world’s supply of Pink Diamonds comes from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. The mine, sitting on a volcanic pipe that was created 1.58 billion years ago, produces one third of the global supply of diamonds every year. However, the prized Pink Diamonds comprise less than 1% of their annual yield. To put this extreme rarity into perspective, if one were to take all of the Pink Diamonds over half a carat that were mined in the entire world throughout an entire year, the stones would easily fit into the palm of the hand. Being that Pink Diamonds are such an exceptional and precious commodity and that they possess an elegant and ethereal beauty, Pink Diamonds have become extremely sought after by those that value rare and spectacular diamonds.

Shop for Pink Diamonds –The History of Pink Diamonds
The history of the lovely and rare Pink Diamond is truly a royal story. The largest Pink Diamond in the world is the famed Darya-i-Nur (Sea of Light) Diamond at 175 carats, which was among the collection of the crown Jewels of India until 1739. Another famous royal Pink Diamond is the Pink Conde Diamond which was given to Louis de Bourbon by King Louis 13th of France; Louis de Bourbon proudly displayed the Pink Conde as the top jewel of his walking stick. The Williamson Pink Diamond, found in 1940, was presented to Queen Elizabeth as a wedding present and it sits in the center of a stunning flower-shaped brooch.

Contemporary Pink Diamonds – Celebrity Pink Diamonds
With the discovery of the Argyle mines in recent decades, Pink Diamonds have found favor with gem connoisseurs and celebrities. In 2002, Jennifer Lopez dazzled the world with a gorgeous 6.1 karat Pink Diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck, which spurred a trend and Pink Diamonds quickly became the hottest jewelry accessory among celebrities. Subsequently other well known personalities, such as Brittney Spears, Beyonce Knowles and Salma Hayek, were spotted with Pink Diamond jewelry. In 2003, the largest vivid Pink Diamond in the world, the Steinmetz diamond weighing 59.6 carats was unveiled in Monaco, and later in 2005 was displayed in the Smithsonian’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibit. In 2010 the Graff Pink Diamond left the collection of Harry Winston and was sold to Laurence Graff; Weighing 24.78 carats and being classified as “fancy intense pink,” the Graff Pink Diamond has been described as one of the greatest diamonds every discovered.

Buying a Pink Diamond – Always Buy A Pink Diamond With a GIA Certificate
The best way to ensure that you are buying a quality diamond is to look for a GIA Certificate. GIA is a non-profit institution; they do not buy, sell or appraise diamonds, rather they focus on education and research. GIA has been trusted by fine jewelers worldwide for over 50 years to provide the highest standards of reliability and assurance. Based on the 4C’s of diamonds—clarity, cut, color and carat—GIA provides a reputable and comprehensive analysis of the quality and authenticity of each stone. All of our Fancy Pink Diamonds come with GIA certificates so that you can be sure you are purchasing a quality stone.

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Pink Diamond - Very Rare Natural Pink Diamonds - Fancy Colored Genuine Loose Pink Diamonds