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Amazing Yellow Lemon Quartz Loose Gemstones - Standard Size Lemon Quartz for Jewelry

<b>LEMON QUARTZ <br> Heart Cut Gems <br></b> Standard - Calibrated
Item #: calibrated-lemon-quartz-heart
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This Natural Lemon Quartz Gemstone displays abeautiful light to medium light bright yellow color with good brilliance and excellent symmetry and make. The clarity grade is "Eye Clean". This Lemon Quartz Gemstone has been enhanced with radiation. All Lemon Quartz sold by AfricaGems is in compliance with the U.S.N.R.C. licensing regulations.NOTE: Be sure to select the RIGHT gemstone/diamond by millimeter size only. Selecting your gemstone/diamond by carat weight is NOT...
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Pretty Lemon Quartz Gemstones in Calibrated Sizes Cheerful Yellow Lemon Quartz Gemstones for SALE
Theres nothing sour about these lemons! The soft, pastel yellow hue of Lemon Quartz is a great way to incorporate a cheerful color pop into your jewelry without being overstated and flashy. The flattering yellow tone will bring out beauty in the wearer, and this versatile color looks great set with either sterling silver or yellow gold. In addition to the beautiful, delicate yellow color, Lemon Quartz is a clear and radiant gemstone, with a gorgeous shimmer that adds depth and sparkle.

The Number One Shop for Lemon Quartz Gemstones! Amazing Selection of Loose Discount Lemon Quartz FREE Shipping
With 10 different shapes, 2 different grades or shades of yellow, and a selection of regular faceting and checkerboard faceting, AfricaGems has an all inclusive inventory of standard sized Lemon Quartz gemstones. Now its up to you to use your creativity to incorporate out beautiful Lemon Quartz gemstones into your custom jewelry designs. Whether you opt for a funky ring, a classic pendant or daring earrings, Lemon quartz will surely enhance any piece!

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<center><b>LEMON <br>QUARTZ</b> <br>Standard - Calibrated</center>
Amazing Yellow Lemon Quartz Loose Gemstones - Standard Size Lemon Quartz for Jewelry