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New Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite - D-E-F Colored Moissanite Created Gemstones for SALE at AfricaGems NEW! Forever One Colorless Moissanite Lab Created Gemstones – Charles & Colvard Presents D-E-F Color Synthetic Moissanite Gems
Twenty years ago Charles & Colvard created the first synthetic gem quality Moissanite gem, and since then they’ve been improving their product. The newest and most exciting line of synthetic Moissanite gemstones are called Forever One Moissanites which boast a D-E-F color, which is basically colorless, making Forever One Moissanite gemstone the most colorless of all of the other Moissanite collections. For comparision, Forever One Moissanite is D-E-F color, Forever Brilliant Moissanite is G-H-I color and Forever Classic Moissanite is J-K color. Now that Moissanite gemstones are available in this superior colorless grade, there are less advantages to natural diamonds. More affordable, ethically created, socially responsible and top quality in color, clarity and brilliance, Moissanite gemstones are becoming an even bigger contender for engagement rings. As opposed to White Sapphires, which are another colorless gemstone that can be substituted for diamonds, Moissanites don’t fade over time and they possess a very high refractive index of brilliance creating an intrinsic fire that lasts, as the name implies, forever.

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