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hi marc, i had the 12.77 ct pink tourmaline set in my diamond ring this week. i picked it up yesterday; it's GORGEOUS! i thought you might like to see pictures, although the pictures don't do it justice. thanks so much! lisa l. of New Haven CT (bought 2 loose pink tourmaline gems)

The ring and earrings arrived just now, beauitful. Thanks for the great service again Michael D. of Naples FL (bought blue topaz jewelry set)

Dear Mr. Sarosi, The ring just arrived. I do not mind telling you that the photograph did not do it justice, it is wonderful. I have been searching for this ring since I saw one in a painting over forty years ago. Thank you. Michael A of Boise ID (bought black onyx ring)

Marc, Thank you so much! You may have thought it took longer than expected but we thought it was quite expedient. Thank you for continually confirming for us our decision to purchase from Africa Gems. This has been a wonderful transaction. We'll be here all day so as soon as it arrives I'll let you know. Happy Valentine's Day, Jennefer P of San Deigo CA (bought custom emerald ring & band)

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Lets learn a few fun facts about Emerald gemstones. Most of the ancient Emerald jewelry that has been discovered is dated back to 4,000 years ago from Egypt in the Cleopatra mines. The very oldest Emerald gemstone is said to be 2.97 billion years old and was found in South Africa. One very special and famous piece of Emerald jewelry is known as the Atocha Emerald Cross which was found in a sunken Spanish warship called Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Another famous Emerald is one in a pendant that was worn by Elizabeth Taylor, in 2011 it sold for over $6 million dollars, breaking records of $280,000 per carat. The name Emerald has its roots in the Greek word smaragdus, which means Green.

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If you love Emeralds but dont want to shell out too many green backs for these green gems, this is the perfect place for you! We offer top quality genuine natural Emerald gemstones at incredibly low prices. At these bargain prices, you can afford to go with a more elaborate mounting or jewelry design to display these affordable yet beautiful finds. With a nice selection of sizes and shapes, we have a discount Emerald just right for your next custom jewelry project! Shop today for the perfect Emerald gemstone at the perfect price!

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