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Chatham Created Emerald Gemstones - Synthetic Emerald Gems
Emeralds have long been treasured for their brilliant green beauty. Highly valued and desired, the intense green color of Emerald never ceases to dazzle. Emerald, with its cheery and upbeat verdant hue, is often used to celebrate both May and July birthdays as well as the 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries. Few things are more classically stunning than a high quality Emerald gemstone set in tasteful jewelry.

The Wonder of Man-Made Emeralds
Chatham Created Emeralds provide an economical and environmentally responsible alternative to mined gems. A high grade natural Emerald will surely fetch a high price and might be tainted by inclusions. However, our man-made Emeralds are all gem quality, the absolute highest grade, the clarity is remarkable and synthetic Emeralds are usually more durable than the wild-grown gemstones.

Beautiful Jewelry with Lab Created Emeralds
Imagine simple yet refined Emerald stud earrings paired with a matching Emerald necklace. Or perhaps, a large glittering oval cut Emerald set in a white gold ring, accented with diamond melee. With Emeralds, the possibilities are truly endless; from the most simple to the most ornate of settings, Emeralds are sure to add sparkle, sophistication and glamour however they are displayed. Chose your favorite faceted cut in any calibrated size and you are on your way to your dream synthetic Emerald gemstone jewelry.

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