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hi marc, i had the 12.77 ct pink tourmaline set in my diamond ring this week. i picked it up yesterday; it's GORGEOUS! i thought you might like to see pictures, although the pictures don't do it justice. thanks so much! lisa l. of New Haven CT (bought 2 loose pink tourmaline gems)

The ring and earrings arrived just now, beauitful. Thanks for the great service again Michael D. of Naples FL (bought blue topaz jewelry set)

Dear Mr. Sarosi, The ring just arrived. I do not mind telling you that the photograph did not do it justice, it is wonderful. I have been searching for this ring since I saw one in a painting over forty years ago. Thank you. Michael A of Boise ID (bought black onyx ring)

Marc, Thank you so much! You may have thought it took longer than expected but we thought it was quite expedient. Thank you for continually confirming for us our decision to purchase from Africa Gems. This has been a wonderful transaction. We'll be here all day so as soon as it arrives I'll let you know. Happy Valentine's Day, Jennefer P of San Deigo CA (bought custom emerald ring & band)

Gorgeous Blue Gemstones – From Aquamarine to Zircon – Discount Gemstones that are Blue for SALE
From Aquamarine to Zircon and every blue stone in between, AfricaGems is proud to offer you a stunning array of blue gemstones. We carry lots of traditional Blue Sapphire, unique Blue Star Sapphire, and also the breathtaking Lab Created Chatham Sapphire. As for Topaz, we stock seven varieties of Blue Topaz in seven stunning shades of blue from the dark London Blue Topaz to the lighter Sky Blue Topaz. In terms of blue cabochons, we specialize in Turquoise, Lapis, Chalcedony and Labradorite. And of course, we have the classic blue beauties like Paraiba Tourmaline, Iolite, Tanzanite and Blue Spinel. Basically, if it’s blue and it’s a gemstone we’ve got it and we’re selling it at a discount price.

What Does the Color Blue Say About You? – What is the Energy of The Color Blue
Did you know that blue is the most popular favorite color? Perhaps that is because blue represents loyalty and communicates a sense of trust and balance—often times political candidates and job applicants will wear blue hoping to appear more trustworthy. Blue is a color that exudes a serene strength—like the cool blue endless ocean so calm and beautiful yet strong and stable. If you’re looking to express your loyal, strong nature, or if you are looking for peace in your life, the various shades of blue and tea colored gems will help you find it.

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Enchanting Loose Blue Colored Gemstones - All Gemstones that Blue for SALE
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